Tuesday, 26 April 2011

56 Days With 0 Video Games

Today, I am beginning a challenge which I have set for myself, and it's a challenge which I never thought I'd find myself doing. That's right, I'm giving up video games for a whopping 56 days: 56 days in which I can't attempt to get through World 8 in Donkey Kong Country Returns, collect more Gold Rings in Pilotwings Resort, or even pass a bit of time on Chu Chu Rocket. With the Wii unplugged and the 3DS "taken away", I'm left with a laptop and a pile of revision - which brings me to why I've chosen to embark on this seemingly impossibly adventure.

56 days from today marks the end of my GCSEs, and to celebrate? I expect to indulge in some Black Ops Zombies, or some Super Street Fighter IV; but that's not really worth talking about, unless I want the upcoming months (which were already destined to last for an eternity), last even longer.

And to add insult to injury, the time in which I would usually be gaming will be filled by the delights of scrawling messy handwriting onto A4 paper, highlighting it, and re-reading it over and over again: revision.

Today hasn't been too bad. My first "gaming sesh" generally begins at around five o'clock, but I'll have to make do with reading the latest issue of ONM and the fourth book in the Darren Shan saga. That and revision, of course.

This time next week, I'll write another post about how things are turning out, and whether I've suffered any withdrawal symptoms!

Seeya then!

PS: Any donations to fund this admirable attempt at doing what was thought to be impossible would be greatly appreciated. ;)


  1. I was thinking of doing the same thing really. I'm only in Year 9 at the moment, but as soon as my revision period starts I'm not gonna touch games at all. It's certainly going to be interesting, as you won't really have a chance to not play games for ages and ages then finally go back to them in any other point in your life (not with reason anyway). So yeah. Playing no games will lead to a brighter future of more games! Good luck by the way, don't fail me :P

  2. Yeah, I don't blame you. You don't even realise how close your exams are until they're right in front of you, so luckily, my eyes were opened when I saw that my first exam is halfway into next month; hence the reason I'm not going to touch a single game until I'm done.

    Thanks, I'll try not to! D:

    PS: "Playing no games will lead to a brighter future of more games!" - that quote is legendary!

  3. Actually, its FANKS. DUUH. Anyways, good luck.

  4. Okay then, FANKS! :D

    (BTW, why has you no posted on Ninty Gamer recently? D:)